tiny mom and pop cinema rental house in san diego, ca.


Full site coming soon.

The equipment listed below is available to rent as a package or a la carte. Certificate of Insurance and payment day of pickup necessary for all rentals.

Please contact for additonal details 📩



What is “aninag?”
It is Filipino word that has a couple of different meanings. Translucent, visible through a a transparent medium.

Do you have a physical location / prep bays?
We are exploring this option as we grow, but for the meantime, functioning without a B&M allows us to keep our prices competitive and offer you a better value. Stay tuned! Should you need a prep bay for your rental, we can arrange with partner rental houses to provide you this time and space, however this requires advance notice.

I’m looking for something but you don’t have it. Can you get it?

Maybe. It’s worth letting us know so we can verify that we don’t carry it, and provided there’s enough lead time, look into sourcing it. If you’re interested, we can sub-rent the item on your behalf to simplify your rental pick-up and returns.

I have a vision but I don’t know what equipment I need. Can you help?
Absolutely! We are here to offer suggestions on what equipment might best suit your project. 

This thing is more expensive here than there. You’re too expensive.
We strive to provide you quality kit with competitive pricing. That said, we are a small business and can’t afford pricing that’s a race to the bottom considering the time and maintenance required to keep everything of high quality. We hope our specific offerings and thoughtful service will earn your support.

Do you offer 

Do I really need insurance?

Something got damaged or loss... IDK? Don’t be mad!

It’s okay! Insurance exists for a reason! First, document it, with photos/video. Second, inform us as you can, that way we can make arrangements and see if we can fill in the gaps for the LND item.


Do you offer any discounts?
Yes! If you are a student or working on a community project, please reach out!

Do you offer any grants?
We’re working on it! We want to support young artists and community driven projects, and hope we can provide the tools to help get them closer to their vision!