tiny mom and pop cinema rental house in san diego, ca.


Full site coming soon.

The equipment listed below is available to rent as a package or a la carte. Certificate of Insurance and payment day of pickup necessary for all rentals.

Please contact for additonal details 📩


Aninag is a tiny boutique camera and lighting rental house based in San Diego, CA. 

We focus on a small selection of high quality, industry stardard tools that are thoughtfully curated to be both effective and simple. Everything listed on our site is in-house kit, meticulously maintained and respected so that it is ready for the next production.

Please get in touch at least several days before your rental so I can make sure everything is ready for you! If you have particular use case concerns let me know so I can provide or suggest adequate support!

And a kind request, please respect and take care of the gear! Obviously gear is meant to be used and designed for the rough environments of a film set, that said please be mindful of how they are transported and handled. Our goal is to price competitively but can only do so if renters do their part to keep the gear in as good condition as they received it.